From Umbria, a dream made of innovation
and handcrafted knowledge

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The story of Antonella Rizza, a brand of Primo lo company, doesn’t start with its opening in October 2014, but is deeply rooted in a long family tradition.
The founder Piera Benincasa, as well as all people involved in the production process of Antonella Rizza’s garments and collections, gained a long-lasting experience in the textile industry.
Each figure who works in this reality, knows well the meaning of values like responsibility, respect for other’s work, sacrifice and humility. These are the foundations on which the brand was built; young brand but mature and well-framed, a brand that is ready to put itself up as valid and able alternative in the ready-to-wear and knitwear industry and in the cashmere and ne fabric manufacturing.

Concreteness is the main goal of the company. Therefore, from the very beginning, the brand worked and has being working to introduce to the public the collections that keep our promises – exclusivity of the forms, high-quality materials, handcrafted workmanship.
But the structured process that leads to the realization of each single garment comes from a driving force called ‘dream’.
The dream to give life to something original. A dream that takes shape on paper thanks to the hand driven by pure creativity, and suggested by heart and soul. A dream that always finds its concrete realization, being a sweater, a cashmere coat or a leather bag.
Antonella Rizza. A dream that always finds its realization.

What makes Primo lo company and its brand Antonella Rizza unique?
The answer lies in a wellnished formula developed step by step with the perspicacity of those hard to please, of those looking for the true excellence always and in any case: dream, innovation, ‘made in Umbria’ and mastery. These are the elements that give life to Antonella Rizza, a one-of-a-kind brand, to discover, to experience, to wear.

There are those who consider innovation, the study of the forms, of materials. For Antonella Rizza, innovations is everything, not only a simple detail, as important this can be.

Innovation is searched certainly in the selection of fabrics and forms, but never forgets what could be considered the soul of a company: communication. Antonella Rizza is not only a brand.
It is not a brand that lives in a bubble, isolated from the outside. Antonella Rizza has well understood the potentiality of the e-commerce and for this reason, chose to dedicate a section of its company website to the online store, where the customer can easily purchase all its creations.

Antonella Rizza keeps also up with the 2.0 trends, and uses social networks to communicate and interact with people.
Antonella Rizza. Innovation from communication.


The brand Antonella Rizza could not be born in any other place that was not the Umbria region, “the green heart of Italy”, the cradle of a long and valued textile tradition, still alive thanks to the work of artisans who guard the secrets of that tradition.
The presence of the company in Umbria is not only a consequence of the founder’s origins, but comes from the intuition that only in this territory dominated by nature and rural life, it would find what the brand needs: handcrafted knowledge, mastery and wisdom.
Primofilo company is innovative also for choosing to remain where the lights don’t reach the catwalks, but where there is what really counts: passion and people.
Antonella Rizza. Made in Umbria.


The awareness to have to do something new in the eld of prêt-à-porter and the will to reach the excellence, have led the company on the road of craftsmanship.
For the manufacturing of fabrics and ne materials – cashmere, silk, pure wool, leather and fur – was chosen the skillful and accurate dexterity of local artisan workshops. This is the flagship of Antonella Rizza, a brand that was born to combine tradition and innovation and creating a solution that can “wear” both.
The handcrafted mastery, that of the Umbria tradition, is the soul of Antonella Rizza, a brand that is nourished by the beauty that can only come from the joint work of hands and heart, and that the beauty returns.
Antonella Rizza. Where tradition and innovation have the same clothing.